Breakfast with Relocation expert

Moscow is a dynamic, extremely fast developing city, which attracts lots of people every year from all over the world. Certainly moving to Moscow is a challenge when you have some important and vital questions.

Our relocation expert is happy to meet you at a nice cozy place around the most famous Patriarshy Pond for breakfast and provide you with the professional assistance and qualified replies to your concerns.

Your questions about:

- city (history, culture, places of interest)
- good areas to live(neighborhood, medical centers, trading molls & supermarkets)
- safety(emergency tel numbers, local rules)
- transportation car leasing, metro, public transportation)
- restaurants, leisure and entertainment
- kids schools and entertainment (how to find the right place for the children)
- cultural differences (how to behave, mutual communication, customs and traditions)

Time: 8 a.m. -10 a.m.
Date: from Monday till Friday upon your request
Place: Don Pedro restaurant, next to Marko Polo hotel
Cost: 800 rubles
Contacts: +7 495 517 34 26, Christina; +7 903 679 4118, Elena


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