How much is the agency fee?
In general, the fee payable to the leading Moscow real estate agencies is equal to one month's rental payment.

How to pay for apartment rental?
Generally when the tenant is the company the landlord is paid by via transfer.

How to renovate the apartment?
Sometimes the Tenant would like to change something in the apartment they rent(the walls, the ceiling, the bathroom). In this case we can recommend the team of workmen who will assist you to repaint the walls, change the tiles in the bathroom or do some other minor renovation in the apartment.

How to fix problems in the apartment? How to find handyman?
It is a wide spread situation when the tenant has some problems in the apartment and the landlord cannot solve the issue as prompt as needed. Smart Relocation center can provide you with the English speaking handyman, who will contact you and fix the problem in faster manner.

How to find cleaning lady?
Smart Relocation Center has a good team of professional cleaners, who we so not hesitate in recommending to you.

How to solve problems with landlord?
It is not easy for a foreign tenant to maintain a constant communication with the landlord . In this case Smart Relocation center can provide you with the a special service Tenancy management. Once you need anything from the landlord your consultant from our company who will act on your behalf to get all the necessary things.

How to find international school?
There are a number of international schools in Moscow for expat’s families like Anglo-American school, British school, German, French, Swiss, Japanese, Indian schools and many others. Your relocation consultant will be happy to arrange a meeting with the Principle of the school and have a little guiding around the school so you will have a better idea of what the schools is like. Please contact us at +7 495 517 34 26

How to install satellite or/and Internet in the apartment?
It is essential for an expat to have an international TV here in Moscow. Your relocation consultant will assist you to choose the right provider for the satellite TV and and connect the internet at home.

Is Moscow safe?
Yes, a lot of expats coming of Moscow for the first time have this questions but with the time being here the answer is obvious. There a lot of expats living here especially in the very down town and they all find it safe and secure. A lot of them find Moscow even less dangerous than any other European or American cosmopolitan cities.

How not to get lost in Moscow?
Moscow is a huge city and meantime it is easy to find the way everywhere. The main difficulty for an expat is the Metro. The entry way to the Metro station is mostly visible because of the capital letter M. The metro here has several lines which are colored and you just need to have a Metro map and find the right color of the line where your destination stop is. Once you get that you will be a professional in Moscow rapid system.

Where to entertain kids?
Moscow is extremely exciting not only for adults but also for children. Plenty of theaters, music centers, cinema and kids clubs together with restaurants, coffee shops and interesting clown shows welcome your kids. Besides that there is a great Zoo, dolphinarium and 2 circuses with a quarterly renewed performances. A lot of trading molls have baby rooms where the parents can leave their children while shopping around. And a great thing about all that is the price which is affordable for everyone.

How to find a babysitter?
We are happy to assist you in this case too as there are a number of babysitters who have been with us for the last several years already and we have no hesitation in recommending them to our clients. Most of them are English speaking, have good education in misic and literature and all of them are perfect in taking care of kids.  


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