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First time in Moscow? Orientation tours will help you understand the districts of Moscow and give you a clear idea of what area is ideal for your particular living.

Relocation to another place is never easy for singles and of course it is a tough task for families. Upon your request your relocation consultant may give you an orientation tour which helps you understand the districts and gives you a clear idea of what area is ideal for your particular living.

Sometimes you like the area in the city but you know nothing about it so your relocation consultant will show you the neighborhood around as well as the main supermarkets, shops, chemistries, restaurants, parks to walk with kids, local or international schools and medical centers. Your relocation agent will also arrange a meeting for you with consultants at the medical center and the principal assistant at school.

If your visit to Moscow is the first, your relocation agent may recommend you have an orientation tour around the most interesting areas in the city to get some information about the culture and history of Moscow. Again an individual approach and personalized service is our key point, so upon your request Relocation center will set up a special program for you with those places that you would like to visit and know about.


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